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Introducing Peavine Press, LLC.  Peavine Press is our publication imprint bringing inspiration to life. 

I am a proud Indie publisher.  My goal is to efficiently produce meaningful and inspirational products that are professionally crafted in all aspects.  As such, all our books will be extensively edited for content and grammar and are complemented with professional covers and interior typesetting. 


We are committed to market with integrity.  Indie Publishing provides an exciting path to bring titles to market in the most vibrant, creative, and economical way.  Peavine Press welcomes your feedback on the professionalism and impact of our offerings.

The two directors of Peavine Press are Steve Friedman and Jennifer Friedman.

The title of Peavine Press was selected to represent Peavine Falls, a peaceful site at the peak of Oak Mountain State Park south of Birmingham, Alabama.  In my youth, I often hiked to Peavine Falls with my dad and my sisters.  Peavine holds a special place in my heart as a place of solitude, self-discovery, and natural beauty, all objectives of my writing projects.

If you would like more information on Peavine Press, LLC or my Indie Publishing journey, please contact me at

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