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The Essential Guide's
March to Independence

Launch Team

Launch Team,

I'm so excited to finally share the steps, resources, and message of possibilities that The Essential Guide offers.


Thanks so much for supporting the book launch. Any help you provide will make a huge difference in getting the word out. I know you are busy so this page offers to shortcut the process of providing reviews and sharing The Essential Guide message.


The paperback and ebook are already available on Amazon. Your support for two launch phases will be most helpful:

  • Feb 22-28:   Early Bird Special: discounted sales

  • Mar 20-25:   Big launch week in conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st)

You are welcome to post reviews and share book information anytime. Certainly, a review before March 21st and one Social Media/email post Feb 22-28 and Mar 20-25 would be awesome!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me at

or on my cell  281-785-9884.

"March to Independence" Launch Team Shortcuts

Two Quick Ways You Can Help


1. Please leave a review on


Our Amazon page is now live. You may now leave an Amazon review HERE. It can take less than a minute!

For the greatest impact, please leave your review anytime before our launch date of March 21st.



2. Share your support with your family, friends, and local Down syndrome association


It means so much that you have offered to share our book launch with your friends & family. The best marketing tool for books is word of mouth, so thanks for spreading the word with your email list and social media contacts.


The best comments you can leave with your network are your own. I don't want to be presumptuous, however, if you want a bit of help or speed, here are some prepared remarks. Please feel free to copy and paste or modify any of these, or of course provide your own.

Regardless of which post you may choose (or modify or create your own), please consider the additional note:

  • Feb 22-28:  Catch the early bird special through February 28th for a 21% discount off paperback and ebook!

  • Mar 20-25:  Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) with your own copy!

JUST READ:  Hello friends, I just read my copy of The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome. I didn't realize all the information I need to know about common health risks, financial benefits with critical deadlines, and legal considerations. This book has opened my eyes to community inclusion and housing options for people with Down syndrome. I'm convinced this book will make a huge difference for parents, siblings, caregivers, and teachers of people with Down syndrome. Get your copy today! Amazon Link

GUIDEBOOK: Hi folks, My friend Steve Friedman has just published his book, The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome. It's a great guide to help every family with Down syndrome, regardless of age. The steps and resources in the book are life-changing. Check it out here!

PARENT OF NEWBORN/TODDLER W/ DS: I learned so much reading The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome. I thought I had years before I had to think about my son's/daughter's future, but now I know there are critical things I need to get done now, plus I get a good preview of what's to come and when I need to act. Get your copy here today!


PARENT OF TEEN W/ DS: Hi friends, I'm excited to share the book, The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome, with you. It's really helped me plan for when my son/daughter turns 18. It lays out considerations and options for life after high school that I hadn't even thought about. Check it out here!


PARENT OF ADULT W/ DS: Hi friends, Just what I was looking for - a book to help me plan for my son's/daughter's adult years. After high school, I wasn't sure where to turn. Now I understand health and financial risks, continuing ed and work options, and housing choices...all in one book! Grab a copy here of The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome today!


TO LEADERS OF A DOWN SYNDROME ORGANIZATION: Hello. I just discovered The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome. It's packed with information, options, guidance, and resources that I really was not aware of. It will definitely help me foster independence and capture the possibilities available for my son/daughter. I think the families in your organization will greatly benefit. Also, the author indicates he is happy to share key messages with Down syndrome organizations for free, so you may want to reach out to him by email. Here's a link to The Essential Guide: here.

CAREGIVER/TEACHER/DOCTOR: Hi friends, What a fantastic resource. The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome would be great for any parent of loved ones with Down syndrome, but it's also quite valuable for caregivers/teachers/doctors to learn more about the challenges and opportunities which Down syndrome provides. The resources and worksheets are time and money savers for anyone with Down syndrome. Grab a copy here of The Essential Guide!


PARENT OF SOMEONE WITH OTHER INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES: Though my son/daughter doesn't have Down syndrome, I found this book, The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome, and it really applies to the world of Intellectual Disabilities in general. It's packed with great tips, steps, guidance, and resources to make our journey so much easier. Check it out here.


I HELPED: Check out my friend's book here, The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome. I (endorsed, reviewed, helped edit...) the book for Steve and it's a great book for any family with Down syndrome. Highly recommended!

Images are always a great way to attract attention. You can certainly copy any of these images below and paste into your emails and posts.

Please consider tagging me on your posts at #BeyondDownSyndrome.


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