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Beyond Introversion

1) Do you consider yourself an introvert?

2) Do you feel confined by the traditional definition of introversion?

3) Do you want to embrace your introversion to help reach your dreams?

4) Do you want to grow beyond introversion?

I answered "yes" to each of these, but it took me decades to move beyond the 2nd question. Now I'm on a personal journey to understand and embrace my true personality. I'm done with the "fake it 'til you make it" approach I enlisted in corporate America. Now I'm reaching for my dreams!

So why "Beyond Introversion?"

"Beyond Introversion" means stretching beyond the traditional, negative definition of Introverts as insecure, socially awkward recluses.  I've grown to be a proud Introvert who is embracing my true self and using my introversion to my advantage.  Yet, I also don't want to be defined solely by my introversion.  Like all people, we are multi-dimensional.  

And what's up with the cool logo?

As we all know, butterflies start out as rather bland caterpillars.  Yet one day each chooses to hang upside down from a twig and spin itself into a silky cocoon or chrysalis, eventually emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  My journey has certainly involved an often delicate and time-consuming transformation which continues going forward.

I hope you will join me as we both strive to live, learn, and stretch BEYOND INTROVERSION to become our best self!

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