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Many parents have questions:

  • What will my child with Down syndrome be able to do?

  • What will "independence" mean for my child?

  • How can I foster that independence throughout their lives?

  • What will they do when public secondary education is over?

  • Can my adult with Down syndrome work? Live on their own or be part of a community?

  • Where do I get started?

As parents, many of us grabbed several books off the shelf to learn about parenting and public schooling for our child.

However, it feels like we fall off a cliff at 18-21 when public schooling ends and no one is there to guide us on what is available for our adult with Down syndrome and what our families can do to help.

Beyond Down Syndrome provides thought-provoking articles to help parents understand the choices and make best decisions. It is also a precursor for the UPLifting Guidebook scheduled for release spring, 2023. The Guidebook aims to answer your questions and provide a helping hand on the next part of your family's journey.

Whether your child is age 2, 20, or 40, the Guidebook will provide important steps to consider for every age. It is never too early, or too late, to pursue independence with your loved one with Down syndrome!

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